Life Insurance

If you have a family and are not covered by a policy at work, then perhaps we should talk!

If you have children under 18 or if they are still in school, then you should at least have Term coverage  until they reach 18 or are out of high school.

It is very affordable. 

Do not confuse Accidental Death and Injury coverage, which you see advertised alot, with real Term Life coverage.

Let us discuss Term and Whole life policies.


Health Insurance

Whether you are just starting out or are retired, let us go over your current plans. 

You need to have the proper coverage for you and your family.


Medicare Products

Are you approaching 65? Are you disabled,  been receiving Social Security for two years and under 65? Have questions on MAPD, PDP, MA without PD, Medicare Part A, B , C , D, employer coverage?

Wondering about the enrollment periods? Do you feel you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period exception? 

Insurer Plans ( I am including networks, Supplements, Medicare Advantage with or with Prescription Drugs Coverage, stand alone Prescription Drug Plans, drug formularies ) may change every year. Insurance companies offer different plans in different counties. Do not be complacent about your coverage. Review your options before  the annual enrollment periods.


Property Insurance

Sure got alot of rain last winter! Thinking of Flood insurance? Let us go over what is available.

What about Fire insurance? Always a concern in parts of California. It is the standard covered peril but there are deductions, limits, and exclusions that should be reviewed annually.

Oct 10 2017 - From rain to fire. Please be sure to review your coverage. Call your agent or insurance company if you are not sure of what you have covered.

As we have seen this week, deadly fire storms can occur at night with very little warning. If all you have left is ashes, perhaps in the pile of ashes is a fire/heat resistant safe with all of your valuable documents, including  your insurance policies. Install fire alarms, register your phones with the fire department to get alerts. 

We live in a beautiful  state with many riches, visual and monetarily,  but we also have earthquakes, floods, fires, droughts.

Br prepared and be safe.


Casualty Insurance

This is liability coverage. It is a very broad definition, according to insurance references.

For example, if someone is injured and you, the insured, is liable for the costs of the injured.

It includes vehicle insurance, theft insurance, and liability insurance ( for example, business Worker's Compensation for injuries to workers ).

This coverage goes hand in hand with Property Insurance, and most homeowner policies are sold as a package of Property and Casualty coverage. 


Covered California ( Affordable Care Act, Obamacare )

The Affordable Care Act of 2010 is also called Obamacare, and in California it is administered by and called Covered California.

In my opinion, it is professionally administered and the team has the interests of the clients as a top priority. California took the ACA and ran with it.

Having said that, for all intents and purposes, the ACA will be replaced with a new plan when the  Republican Senators finally vote on their version. 

As of June 30 2017, the Senate has not come to an agreement on the new "American Health Care Act", and has not voted on the plan.

There are some Republican Senators, who represent big sections of some states that benefit from the current ACA plans, want to be sure their constituents

are not left without affordable, good health insurance. Debate and discussion continues into July. 

Oct 10 2017, the ACA health plan is still intact.

Oct 12 2017, The President has signed an executive order to stop paying the insurers the subsidies that are due to them.

Not clear yet as to when this policy can be implemented. It will most likely be appealed and reviewed in court.

Without the subsidies, the cost of health coverage  will be split between the insured and the insurers.

Let us hope the insurance companies take charge on their own and keep existing plans, keep existing customers, and keep plan costs from rising too fast.

The insured will still have the tax credit to offset the cost of the premium. It is up to the insurance companies to stay in the game.

Please call or email me if you have any questions.